5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About World War 2

World War II remains to be the most expensive war in written history. Such atrocities have been recorded during the Second World War, which paved the way for millions of people to die during that era. Now, we could only imagine the agony and the suffering that the people of that era have experienced. None of us would like another world war to take place. But there are things you probably didn’t hear about World War 2. Take a look at these and get new information, as well as a new perspective about the dreaded Second World War.

Things You Probably Didn’t Hear About The Second World War

The overwhelming number of Russian deaths

Compared to any other countries involved in this global conflict, Russia suffered a great loss of lives. Although there are discrepancies in recorded accounts, it is estimated that 24 million Russians died during World War 2.

Approximately 24 million Russian soldiers have died during WW2
Approximately 24 million Russian soldiers have died during WW2

Stalin and Churchill’s “Secret Meeting”

In the early parts of the war, Stalin was on Hitler’s side, but Hitler likewise wanted to conquer Russia. So, Stalin joined the Allied Forces. In 1944, Stalin and Churchill struck a secret deal; the so-called “Percentages Agreement”. This deal between the two world leaders revolved around Germany having no windows to declare war again in the future.

Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill

The Japanese soldier who believed the war is still ongoing

Talk about commitment. A Japanese soldier named Hiroo Onoda has taken refuge in the jungles of the Philippines, fleeing Filipino and American forces. He was tasked to carry out a warfare against the US forces, but he took the task too literally.

He was told by his commanding officer not to take his own life, and he would come back to him. He lived in the jungle for the next 29 years, believing that the war is still ongoing, and waiting for his commanding officer to come back.

Valor: Hiroo Onoda surrendered after 29 years in the jungle

Hitler’s nephew

Most people believe that the Hitler lineage was pure German. But not until Hitler’s English-born nephew. In 19th century, Alois Hitler Jr., Adolf’s half brother, has gone to Ireland. Alois met Bridget Dowling and they were married. Bridget gave birth to a boy named William Patrick Hitler.

William would soon become a nuisance to his Uncle Adolf. William went back to Germany with the intention of blackmailing his uncle. Adolf gave him the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

However, William led to believe that his Uncle Adolf was planning to assassinate him because of its schemes and threats. He then fled to the U.S. in 1939 to avoid being eradicated.

William Patrick Hitler
William Patrick Hitler later changed last name to Stuart-Houston

The Plot of July 20th

Since the rise to power of the Nazi party in 1933, the German resistance was formed with the goal to overthrow the Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler. This was a move to let the whole world know that not all Germans are pro Nazi. In 1943 and 1944, at least four attempts to murder the Nazi’s leader were carried out, but all were unsuccessful.

One high ranking member of the German Resistance with the name Claus Von Stauffenberg realized that the plan must be done as soon as possible. On July 20th, Stauffenberg attended a military conference, which Hitler would take a part of. He hid a bomb in his briefcase. In the conference room, Stauffenberg placed the bomb under the table just a few spaces where Hitler was standing.

Stauffenberg received a phone call, which was staged to let him leave the conference room. However, even if the bomb detonated, Hitler still survived with only minor injuries. There were three officers and one stenographer who died in the bomb explosion. Hitler was furious and he ordered that Stauffenberg and his accomplices be rounded up and executed.

Claus Von Stauffenberg
Claus Von Stauffenberg

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