List Of 8 Most Typical Exchange Gifts Pinoys Receive At Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are common in the Philippines. It’s that time of the year when officemates, families and friends get together and celebrate! Nope, it’s not the actual Christmas day they are celebrating. Think of Christmas parties as a pre-Christmas Day party. Christmas parties in the Philippines are more fun! There are lots of foods, parlor games and of course, exchange gifts.

This is an annual event and recently, Pinoy Christmas Parties have become “dress-coded” for a more authentic feel and experience. But let’s know downsize the fact that the exchange gifts in these events range from something expensive to something… well, funny and typical! Oh, the joy of having a Pinoy Christmas Party. You won’t get wrong. You’ll basically enjoy every bit of it, as long as you get a good gift for yourself. But let’s take a look at the most typical exchange gifts Pinoys receive at Christmas parties.

These gifts have become the staple of exchanging gifts at Christmas parties. People are tired of receiving such gifts, but they are still the hot items during such parties. After all, it that thought that counts, right?

The Most Typical Exchange Gifts Pinoys Receive At Christmas Parties

1. Picture Frame

Picture frames are among the most typical gifts one could ever receive during Christmas parties. For many years, they have been present in yearly parties. Did you receive a picture frame this year? Just be thankful.

2. Wallet

Wallet is another common gift to receive at Christmas parties. This is a good gift if you don’t have any at the moment. It also helps organize your spending for the holiday season, or does it?

3. Shirt

Perhaps the most typical gift to receive at a Christmas party is shirt. The downside? The person who would give you a shirt might mess up and give you a shirt that’s too small or too large for you.

4. Wall Clock

Wall clock comes handy. It’s a typical gift that one may receive at parties, but it has its worth. Perhaps the person who gives it thought you’d need it, because you’re always late at work or in school. Who knows?

5. Towel/Handkerchief

Another common gift that one may receive is towel or handkerchief. I don’t know why people even give these as a gift, but one thing comes to mind. It’s the rush and they don’t have any time to look around. So, they just get whatever they want, wrap it and call it a gift.

6. Mug

Mug is also common, but personalized mugs is somehow forgivable. Make sure that you receive a mug that has your face on it. Or, the face of your fave celebrity or your own pet. This can help make your day right.

7. Perfume/Cologne

Perfume or cologne may also be given as a gift, but are they worth it? It depends on the person who will give it to you. Perhaps they think you need some perfume to attract your co-workers. Why not.

8. Figurines

Not that you don’t have any figurines in your house, but receiving them each year might be tiring. But look on the positive side of things. You now have your own collection of figurines that you have received after all those years of exchanging gifts.


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