List of Foods that Will Make you Fat

If you look at some of the facts about obesity, you will be extremely shocked on the numbers because a large percentage of people around the globe are already obese and most of them don’t even realize that the food that they have been constantly eating is the reason why they are too fat. If you are not yet aware about the foods that are not supposed to be taken on a regular basis, here is a list of foods that will make you fat.


1. Artificial sweeteners


Most people think that artificial sweeteners are a better alternative than sugar, but what they don’t know is that artificial sweeteners are the same when it comes to fats. Basically, it will increase your urge to eat or drink sweet things so it is not a good idea to consider this as an alternative. As a matter of fact, a study found that people who take artificial sweeteners on a daily basis have a higher weight than those who don’t.

2. White sugar


White sugar is considered as sugar no matter what you do and it is always present on the regular sweetened drinks that we take every day. It will keep you craving for sweets and it is not a good thing if you are afraid of being obese. It is also important to know that sugar does not have any vitamins or minerals because it is only composed of fat-building calories.

3. Cheese


Cheese is definitely a healthy part of your diet, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to eat cheese almost every day. Cheese contains a large amount of fat and it is really hard to digest. The most dangerous fact about this is that cheese is often added to food and when it is mixed with another fattening food, it will definitely be a deadly combination that will make you fat faster than you have ever imagined.

4. Gluten free


So most of you are trying to look for foods that are Gluten free because you don’t want to get fat? Think again! Most of the most fattening foods in the world are gluten free simply because they are made up of starch and sugar. If you want to lose weight, just avoid all the foods that are free of gluten and those that are not.

5. Potatoes


Potatoes are considered as vegetables and they are a part of the family so most people think that eating potatoes will not make them fat since it is a type of vegetable. Some people also say that potatoes only become fat boosters when they are turned into fries. The truth is that potatoes will always be fattening no matter what kind of dish you make from it. Even if you make a potato salad, it will still make you fat.

6. Alcoholic drinks


Alcoholic drinks can make your tummy fat, but the truth is that it will make you fat in general. Alcohol blocks the body from burning fat so even if you are sweating a lot because of alcohol, it does not mean that it helps you burn fat.

7. White carbs


White carbs are known to be fattening because they are considered as high glycemic index foods. We already know about this, but most people are totally unaware that what they are doing is only causing them to gain so much weight.

8. Fats and oil


Fats and oil are extremely fattening and we all know about that, but they are extremely deadly for the people who wanted to lose weight when they come in deep fry and baked foods. Even if the oil is being dried down from foods that are deep fried, the oil is already there and you will find it in every inch of the deep fry food that you are eating.

9. Processed and junk foods


Processed and junk foods are completely fattening and you can’t find any nutrients and vitamins from them. You can easily say that they are a group of foods that won’t do you any good. They are delicious, but that is the only good thing about them. They satisfy your taste buds, but they won’t give you anything but trouble.The Philippine Military Ranks don’t follow the English Ranks in terms of structure. These ranks were mainly inspired by the first military insignia dating back to 1896, when the early Philippines Military was in the middle of the Philippine revolution. The Philippine Military Ranks were based from the United States Military. Take a look at the ranks of the Philippine Military from the highest to the lowest.

The original ranks of the Philippine Military are those worn by the Philippine Revolutionary Army. They were the rival of the Philippine Constabulary. The Philippine Constabulary is among the predecessors of the modern day Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The Ranks of the Philippine Military

Commissioned Officers

  • General/Admiral
  • Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral
  • Major General/Rear Admiral
  • Brigadier General/Commodore
  • Colonel/Captain
  • Lieutenant Colonel/Commander
  • Major/Lieutenant Commander
  • Captain/Lieutenant Senior Grade
  • First Lieutenant/Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Second Lieutenant/Ensign

Enlisted Personnel

Army and Marines

  • First Chief Master Sergeant
  • Chief Master Sergeant
  • Senior Master Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Technical Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private First Class
  • Private
The symbol of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
The Symbol of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Air Force

  • First Chief Master Sergeant
  • Chief Master Sergeant
  • Senior Master Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Technical Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Airman First Class
  • Airman Second Class
  • Airman Recruit
The symbol of the Philippines Air Foirce
The symbol of the Philippines Air Foirce


  • First Master Chief Petty Officer
  • Master Chief Petty Officer
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty officer, first class
  • Petty officer, second class
  • Petty officer, third class
  • Seaman First Class
  • Seaman Second Class
  • Seaman
The symbol of the Philippine Navy
The symbol of the Philippine Navy

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