List of Gods in Greece Mythology

According to history, the story about the ancient gods and goddesses of Greek started back in 800 B.C., which originated from the writings of Homer (a famous poet during that time). Even though not many of us truly show interest about learning their historical characters, it is very important to learn that these ancient Greek gods and goddesses had great influence to the world we live now.

History revealed that some of the planets names in our universe came after them.

In the Greek mythology, each of the gods and goddesses has their own powers, responsibilities and immortal lives, which truly make them unique and unusual. Although there are many to consider, there are only a few of them of definitely stand out than the others and became popular with great recognition in the planet.

Below is the list of the most dominant as well as famous Gods and Goddesses:

Zeus – The King of Gods

They recognize Zeus as the King of Gods and the sole ruler of the infamous Mt. Olympus. According to the shared information about this god, he is Cronus and Rhea’s youngest son who are known powerful Titans many years ago. Zeus is the god of sky and thunder whom they believe his name is similar to the first element of his Roman equal to the Jupiter.

As detailed through Wikipedia, his own powers have similarities with the powers of Jupiter, Indra, Thor, Odin, Perun and Perkunas (but not the same). His symbols include an oak, eagle, thunderbolt and a bull that makes him dominant and stronger. Based on the description of some knowledgeable Greek artists, they say that Zeus usually spanning his throne to rule over Mt. Olympus or stride his hand with thunderbolt.

Hera – Goddess of Marriage

Hera is the Goddess of marriage, women, family and childbirth based on the religion of the Ancient Greek. According to history, she is the sister-wife of the King of Gods (Zeus) and one of the 12 dominant Olympians before. As a ruler of Mt. Olympus, they recognize her as the Queen of the Gods and her equivalent Roman name is Juno and Uni in Etruscan.

Based on the information shared through, Hera loves to wear simple outfits that truly represent the Greek and has a simple crown (silver color). During her spare time, she loves playing with birds and despite her age, she remains beautiful with powerful personality.

Being the Goddess of Marriage, she likewise encounters the difficulty of dealing with some family members who are cheating and lacks patience in terms of the children of godly affairs. They consider her as a rival of Hercales and other Greek gods and goddesses whom she do not want to respect.

Hera symbols include a peacock feather, cow, lily, diadem, pomegranate, lotus, panther, scepter, throne, lion and cuckoo. His siblings include Zeus, Poseidon, Chiron, Demeter, Hestia and Hades.

Poseidon – God of the Sea

As the God of the Sea, Poseidon is capable of brining powerful earthquakes and he is Zeus and Hades brother. After succeeding the battle of the Titans, they gave him the power to rule the seas and featuring the most iconic character of a Greek god for his pervasive symbol and trident.

According to the story about his power, Poseidon has the capacity to calm the water current in the ocean to assure the anglers a bountiful fishing. However, it is difficult to stop him when he is angry because with the use of his 3-pointed trident, he can trigger massive earthquakes and strong tidal waves once he hit the ground.

Being one of the dominant Greek gods, he protects many cities against intruders.

Aside from being the God of Sea, the also recognize him as the God of Soil, Horses and Storms. His symbols include the horse, fish, trident, dolphin and bull. Based on history, is Roman name is equivalent to Neptune and one of his children is Atlas, who is the first king of Atlantis.

Demeter – Goddess of Agriculture

Perhaps the most appreciating behavior of Demeter is that she is a beautiful Goddess who loves to wear simple outfits with colors of gold or green. This is the reason why they recognize her as a garden lover because of the way she wears her clothes.

Demeter became of the goddess of agriculture because of her capacity in presiding over the grains and fertility of the planet earth. They consider her as the provider of grains and foods because of her kindness. In Roman, her equivalent is Ceres and her symbols include wheat, cornucopia, bread and torch.

One of the interesting attitudes of this goddess is that when the crop becomes bountiful, she feels contended and quiet because she knew that the farmers are harvesting properly.

Ares – God of War

Ares is likewise one of the 12 Olympians and son of Hera and Zeus. With his dominant attitude and violent physical appearance, they consider him as the symbol of war. Based on the information about Ares, the Greeks are unsure of his character and one of the most dangerous Gods with overwhelming power.

This Greek god can destroy anyone in a battle and he is destructive when necessary.

His symbols include the shield, sword, helmet, spear, flaming torch, chariot, dog, vulture and boar. In Roman term, his name is equivalent to Mars and had been one of the most powerful gods during the Trojan War. Unfortunately, he still has some uncertainties and this somehow puts his capacity in doubt.

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare and Handicraft, who later on become Roman goddess Minerva’s syncretized after she decided to reconcile. They recognize has as the main protector of the Athens city and other cities in Greece. This is the reason why they name her after this city and became popular many years ago.

Her symbols include the olive trees owls, Aegis, snakes, spears, helmets, armor and Gorgoneion. Although she has no biological child, she adopted Ericthonius of Athens to become his son. Based on Theology, her parents are Metis and Zeus, but in Lliad, the information revealed that her sole parent is Zeus.

In Roman, she is equivalent to Minerva, while Neith in Egypt and Sulis in Celtics.

Her overall looks include her striking eyes (gray color), darker hair and know for her fashionable outfits, but remains casual.

There are many gods and goddesses in history, but these listed gods and goddesses are among the most powerful ones. They all have different stories, talents, powers and skills in their own ways during the era of the Olympians.


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