List Of Great Souvenir Items To Get When In The Philippines

The Philippines is a country that has so much to offer. From its serene beaches to its gastronomical delicacies, you will never go wrong when you travel to the “Pearl of the Orient”. Of course, your travel wouldn’t be complete if there’s no souvenir items. Don’t fret because there is are different souvenir items and ideas you can get in the Philippines.

These items are authentic and proudly “Pinoy” made. So, you can tell all your friends back at home that the Philippines is a great country, and you can even bring memorabilia from the Philippines to them. Here are some of the most popular souvenir items you must consider if you wish to travel to the Philippines and bring with you the authentic Pinoy feeling.

List Of The Most Popular Souvenirs In The Philippines

1. Delicacies

Food must be at the top spot of your list of must-but souvenirs. Different places mean different delicacies. If you will visit a particular travel spot in the Philippines, the chances of tasting their own local delicacies are high. Make sure to likewise have a “takeout” of these local delicacies so your friends back at home can also taste what these places has to offer.


2. Shirts

There’s no shortage of souvenir shirts in the Philippines. Regardless of the tourist spot you will visit, you still get souvenir shirts of that particular place. These shirts range from cheap to somewhat expensive, depending on the quality. Most tourists buy the cheaper ones because they can buy more that way. These shirts are a practical gift and they can be worn again and again.


3. Woodcraft

Another Philippine pride when it comes to souvenirs is woodcraft. The woodcraft in the Philippines are of the highest quality. The intricate level of details is there, and you will definitely get the quality for the price you pay. These woodcraft arts are handmade, so you are sure of their high quality.


4. Miniatures

There are miniature figures that can be bought in malls throughout the Philippines. These figures such as “kalesa”, jeepney and “vinta” are worthy souvenir items. You can display them at home. You can even start collecting these figures if you want.


5. Jewelries

Okay, this part might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But pearl jewelries that are made in the Philippines are also worth it. These souvenirs are made with the highest level of craftsmanship, as well as rare materials that can only be found in the country. If you have cash to spend and you don’t mind buying jewelries, then we suggest that you pick up your very own pearl jewelries exclusively made in the Philippines.


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