List Of Popular “Batang Pinoy” Street Games In The 90s

If you live in the 90s era, then you have played a handful of street games. Pinoy who are fortunate enough to have their childhood in the 90s knew what it feels like to hangout with friends without any technology. Nowadays, kids tend to stay at home in front of their tablets of gaming consoles. But it doesn’t mean that children of this era don’t know a thing or two about the 90s street games. At least their parents could have told them. But let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the popular street games every kid loved in the 90s.

Ready for another feels trip? Here are the most popular 90s children street games that you grew up playing. The 90s is an era when a lot of things have happened, and by things, I mean awesomeness.

Pinoy Street Games Every Kid Loved In The 90s

1. Patintero

Ah, the good old days. Everyone who grew up in the 90s knew how to play patintero. Basically, it’s a game played by two teams. One team preventing the other team to pass through different paths. Paths can be horizontal and vertical. Once a member of the passing team has been tagged by the other team, their places will be switched.


2. Tumbang Preso

Another street games that kids loved in the 90s was “Tumbang Preso”. Ideally, this game involves a tin can, which kids must strike using their slippers. One kid guards the tin can and in case it was struck, he/she should touch another kid to be able to play. Then, another kid will become the guard of the tin can, and this game will go on and on for as long as everyone is enjoying.


3. Luksong Tinik

Luksong Tinik is one of those games that measures how high a kid can jump. Basically, there are two kids sitting and facing down one another, which will be the “tinik”. They will put their foot one after another, as well as their hands. It will create an obstacle-like wall, which the other team must cross for them to win. If in case one of them failed to do so, they will become the “tinik”.


4. Luksong Baka

Luksong Baka is one of my personal favorite 90s street game. The idea of luksong baka is similar to Luksong Tinik, but this time, a kid will serve as an obstacle. The kid will gradually raise from the ground as the other kids try to jump over him/her. If one kid could no longer jump over, he/she will serve as the obstacle.


5. Sipa

Sipa is a popular Pinoy game. In fact, it is considered the national game of the Philippines. Almost all the kids who have lived prior to the smartphone era knew how to play sipa. A circular metal shaped like a coin with a hole in the middle can be used as sipa. Just add a candy wrapper to it and you and your friends are good to go. The rules are simple. You just need to become the one to reach the intended number of times to hit sipa. The last one to reach it will become “taya” or “it”.


6. Chinese Garter

Chinese Garter was a game popular among girls. But boys could also play it, if they dare to be the laughing stock of other boys. You know what they say. Boys will be boys. Essentially, kids who play Chinese Garter have one goal; to jump the highest among others. Some kids jump ridiculously higher than the other, as the garter is gradually being adjusted higher every time every kid has jumped until only one remains.


7. Taguan

“Taguan” or Hide and Seek is also one of the most popular games in the 90s. The idea behind the game is simple. If you’re “it”, you have to find other kids and make sure to tag the base faster than them. This is important if you don’t want to be “it” for the remainder of the game. Plus, you have to sing the “Tagu-taguan” song, which every kid in the 90s know, even up to these days.


8. Agawan Base

“Agawan Base” or in some places “Bansai” is a 90s game played by two teams. Each team has their own base. The objective of the game is to not let the other team tag the base of the opposing team. This could go on and on while everyone run and hold captive the members of the other team. To win, a team must tag the base, or all the members of the opposing team has been captured.


9. Teks/Pog

Almost every boy in the 90s went crazy over “teks” and “Pog”. Teks are small rectangular-shaped hard paper with cartoons and anime printed on them. The same goes with Pog, but it’s circular.


10. Trumpo

Trumpo was a good children’s game in the 90s, albeit dangerous. Trumpo are somehow wooden spheres with nails under. It is being wrapped around a “sati”, or a long lace. Afterwards, it will be thrown on the concrete and it will spin. Because of this game, rivalries and friendships have been tested. But all in all, it’s a good game.


11. Piko

Piko is another 90s street game popular among girls. A makeshift Piko tiles will be drawn on the concrete. You need to skip past every tile using one leg only until you got back to your original place. This was a fun game and children played this until dusk.


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