List Of Popular Shoe Brands For Men

Men are not as meticulous as women when it comes to their footwear, but they do care about the shoes that they wear. Men are very simple when it comes to shoes because as long as their feet are covered and the shoes have a great design that suits them, they won’t have any problems with it. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not care about the brands that they wear. If you want to know the best brands preferred by most men, here is a list of the best shoe brands in the world.

1. Nike

Buy-Nike-Air-Jordan-I-1-Retro-Mens-Shoes-High-Black-Red-Sneaker-N5bVRZvNike has always been on the top of the list despite the fact that more and more competitors appeared on the market. Being one of the pioneers of the shoe industry and the leading manufacturer of sports shoes made it possible for them to be the most preferred shoe brand of men. Though Nike originally creates sports shoes for athletes, they have decided to venture on the designing of casual shoes and it has bolstered their income for many years.

2. Vans

vans shoesVans is a popular shoe brand for teenagers and they became extremely popular for their slip-on shoes. Actually, these shoes have been introduced in the past, but they added more design and sophistication on these shoes and became extremely successful in marketing them. You can probably see a lot of teenagers around the globe wearing Vans shoes. Aside from casual shoes, Vans also entered the sports shoes industry and sponsored surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, Moto X and BMX.

3. Timberland

timberland-shoesIf you wanted something more masculine instead of the hot and cool shoes, no other shoe brand can offer masculinity more than a pair of Timberland Shoes. This type of shoe is primarily made for men who wanted to show their masculinity or they wanted to have a more ragged look. This is still a top choice for men despite the fact that it has a relatively plain design. This is because Timberland has always focused on men who want to have a more masculine look.

4. Merrell

merrell shoesIn the past, Merrell is only known for their hiking boots. This is because the company has been focusing on shoes that are made for hiking. They are targeting the people who wanted to climb up the mountains so their sales are not too high to begin with. However, when the company attempted to expand their line of products and created casual and outdoor shoes, they became extremely popular. They also created a popular barefoot running shoe for runners.

5. Skechers

sketchers shoesSkechers will always be a part of the top list because it is considered as one of the top choices of men when it comes to shoes. They have been creating stylish and designer shoes for many years and even if the market has been flooded by new brands of shoes, they still remained as one of the top shoe brands. This is only a testament that the design and the quality of their shoes will never be second to any brand.

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