List Of Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Problems with unknown callers? You’re at the right place. In this post, we list the top reverse phone lookup websites today. What is a reverse phone lookup website? Basically, this kind of website lets you put the number of a certain unknown caller and find out who it belongs to.

There are other reasons why reverse phone websites are important in finding an unknown caller. You can also use this service to know if a particular caller is a scam. With a variety of options that you can get when you consider the services of a reverse phone number lookup website, the information you get will serve you for the best!

We listed the top reverse phone lookup websites that you may consider should you ever have any problems regarding anonymous callers. We grouped the websites into two: Those that offer FREE services, and the ones that offer PAID services.

Websites That Provide Free Reverse Phone Lookup

1. Whitepages

Whitepages has more than 5 billion global identity records in its database. The records on this website have been corroborated and curated from different sources and made available. That said, Whitepages is meant to deliver unmatched accuracy and total performance in terms of identity verification.


2. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages or YP is a leading marketing solutions provider in the U.S. It helps communities and businesses grow. The consumer brands of YP, which include the YP app and its websites, are used by approximately 60 million consumers every month in the U.S., as well as its Yellow Pages directory.



Canada411 is a website that primarily offers services for people in Canada. It has a reverse phone number lookup service that lets you find out the owner of a certain number you wish to uncover.



AnyWho is a website that is a part of the YP brand. It focuses in local search services and products. The information obtained for its reverse phone lookup services is derived from Public Records. At AnyWho, you can find a person by name, by address or by phone number.


5. AvailablePublicRecords

Another efficient reverse phone lookup website is AvailablePublicRecords. As the websites promises, users can find anyone, anywhere. Aside from reverse phone lookup services, it also lets users find a certain business or a person.



Though relatively a newcomer in the reverse phone lookup scene, WhosPhoneThisNumber offers an effective way to trace unknown callers and pranksters at the tough of your fingers. Their objective is to help users to find all the information needed to reveal the identity of unknown callers.


7. CheckPhoneCaller

CheckPhoneCaller is a website that offers free reverse phone number lookup services. It provides instantaneous results for the identity of the caller wish to reveal. Their database is up-to-date, which means that users get the freshest information about a certain phone number.


Websites Offering Paid Reverse Phone Lookup

1. Spokeo

Spokeo is a search engine offering people search. It organizes white pages listing, social network information and public records into simple profiles to find out and learn more about people. It has reliable and for a particular payment, it offers simple and fast results.



PhoneRegistry is a website that offers an affiliate program for reverse phone number lookups. It provides earnings for affiliates who take advantage of its programs. Whenever people search, affiliates get paid.



eVerify provides unlimited background checks for users, for a particular cost. This site lets you investigate a person within minutes. All you have to do is to put the name and the address of the person to know if this person has been criminally charged or not. It provides a lot of information for users such as contact details, assets, personal records, court documents and criminal records.


4. PeopleByName

PeopleByName provides information by identifying the owner of a number in a few seconds. It is 100% safe and information is guaranteed factual and accurate. It has more than 1 billion rows in its database consisting of phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada.



PhoneDetective lets you know the owner of a phone number if you use their reverse phone lookup service. Finding the owner of a certain number is easy with the services offered by PhoneDetective. Results can also be attained within a few minutes. It is one of the most efficient reverse phone lookup websites today.


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