List of Seven Star Hotels in the World

When someone says vacation, accommodation must follow. The place to stay the night is of importance in every travel.

Due to the tensed and fast moving life, the world becomes a big mess. People who want to relax spend money for luxury hotels, resorts and spas. They love the idea of having a comfortable night away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lucky enough that the world is full of hotels, which offer luxury that we thought only the Kings and Queens can experience. Below is a list of the Seven Star hotels in the world.

List Seven Star Hotels to Stay

1. Burj Al Arab

Located in Dubai, this hotel stands on a manmade island around 280 meters away from Jumeirah Beach. What makes it even more amazing is that, the building itself is the fourth tallest hotels in the world, which is 321 meters high.

How much does it cost to spend the night?

Well, the most expensive room is the Royal Suite, which can cost nearly $19,000 per night.

2. Town House Galleria

If you happen to have your trip in Italy, there is one place in the country, which is perfect to experience luxury. Though the entrance of the hotel seems to be normal, the VIP treatment starts once you set foot inside. There are only 20 suites available, all of which are all elegant in design. Guests have the chance to choose their own bed cover fabrics and pillow.

3. Pangu Seven Star Hotel

Beijing in China also has its very own seven star hotels. Pangu Hotel has a great view of the Olympic District in the Chinese capital. The well-renowned designer of Taipei 101 C.Y. Lee is the architect of the said hotel. Guests love the hotel amenities and meals. In fact, its breakfast buffet is one of the best. The hotel contains two pavilions, a Japanese restaurant, a temple and an extended corridor.

4. Emirates Palace

The hotel offers world-class luxury to its visitors and guarantees an unforgettable experience. Lavish amenities, latest technology and a breath taking view of the pristine beaches await every guest.

5. Tameer Towers

Located in Abu Dhabi, Tameer Towers is a stunning epitome of beauty and luxurious life style. It features 150 Executive rooms, 150 furnished apartments, conference and events facilities, and food as well as beverage outlets. It also includes famous retail stores on the residential side restaurants around the Marina.

6. Turks and Caicos Resort and Hotel

When talking about luxury and royalty, Turks and Caicos Hotel is a stunning example. It offers world-class facilities to its visitors. The amazing beach scenes from the balcony give an awesome experience.

7. Marina Bay Sands

An integrated resort in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is the world’s second most expensive building. The facilities include a theatre, exhibition halls and entertainment venues.

8. The Apeiron Island Hotel

The hotel architecture itself is something unique because of the funnel shape. Experts say that the Apeiron Island Hotel is a good competition to the Burj Al Arab in UAE. However, there is still no definite date for the construction of the hotel.

9. The Centaurus

The Centaurus is the tallest building in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. The building consists of three skyscrapers, containing a residential apartment, corporate offices and a star hotel.

10. Full Moon Hotel

Though still under construction, the Full Moon Hotel is a 35-story luxury hotel located in Azerbaijan and has Dubaized style architecture. The construction of the hotel started in the late first quarter of 2012 and expected to have 382 luxury rooms.

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