List Of The Amazing Foods To Keep Normal Levels Of Uric Acid

People with a high volume of uric acid in the body may be prone to suffering a common form of arthritis known as gout. Maintaining a good eating habit, as well as the right choices of food can avoid gout. There are foods that can maintain the normal levels of uric acid in the body, as well as the medications intended to keep the problem at bay.

Take a look at the list of the best foods and habits to avoid gout and high levels of uric acid. These will provide help so you can be free from the problem in no time.

Best Foods To Keep Uric Acid At Normal Levels

1. Berries

Berries, particularly strawberries and blueberries can provide help to lessen uric acid levels. They have anti-inflammatory properties so make sure to include them in your daily meal plan.


2. Lime

Lime contains citric acid, which can help make the uric acid level at its normal state. Take a mix of lime juice and water two times everyday for longer-lasting effects.


3. Cherries

Like berries, cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. It has a compound known as anthocyanis that helps reduce the levels of uric acid.


4. Pinto beans

Naturally, a diet rich in folic acid can help you deal with high levels of uric acid. Pinto beans are rich in folic acids, so make sure to eat pinto beans on a regular basis.


5. Apple

The malic acid found in apple can help neutralize uric acid, which offers relief for those suffering from the condition. An apple a day can make a difference.


6. Green tea

Drinking green tea on a regular basis can help control high levels of uric acid, also known as hyperuricemia. This also helps lower the risk of developing gout.


7. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also help get rid of high levels of uric acid. Add three teaspons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink 2-3 times per day to treat elevations in uric acid.


8. Water

Water is the most convenient way to get rid of high levels of uric acid. It flushes out the toxins away from the body. For good measure, you can drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.



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