List Of The Best AdSense Alternatives

So you have AdSense. Great! But what if your AdSense has been banned? So much for earning online, huh? We can’t exactly say why an AdSense account is getting banned. Perhaps there’s something wrong on your website, or you violated Google’s rules. Whatever the reason is, it is still important to know the alternatives to AdSense. Take a look at these top AdSense alternatives that you must seriously consider if you wish to increase your profits online.

Best AdSense Alternatives

1. PropellerAds Media

One of the biggest pop-under networks today is PropellerAds. Started in 2011, PropellerAds has since become among the largest networks with great CPM. The monetize websites for the niches like entertainment, finances, software and games.



Talk about the leading technology company inventing innovative digital advertising products. has the second biggest contextual ads program in the world. The company has 500 employees, which cater to businesses worldwide.


3. Infolinks

Infolinks help over 200,000 online publisher, making them among the biggest monetization networks in the world. Their native ads are free to use, and they work perfectly with every ad solution. Their customizable products will ensure that you get the best results our of your site’s traffic.


4. PopAds

PopAds specializes in Pop Unders. They have amazing rates that can monetize every country. If you are earning $5 every day with PopAds, you can also be paid on a daily basis. Their methods are good and approval for applying for an account takes no time.


5. PopCash

If you want to get the same results as PopAds, consider PopCash. They have been around for awhile. They have a good inventory for all countries both for desktop and mobile traffic. Plus, their payment methods are flexible. You can be paid through Payza, Paypal or Paxum.


6. RevenueHits

With several years up and running, RevenueHits offers a strong network. It is a “performance ad network” that means you will get paid for results. It also has an advanced platform that can learn from your choices of Ads. Be sure to let their ads run up to four days if you want to get best results.


7. Chitika

AdSense and Chitika has a lot in common. They both allow users to customize ads, and they serve contextual ads only. Plus, Chitika can pay users $10 via PayPal, which is good especially for beginners. Chitika can pay you via PayPal when you need it.


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