List of the Best Trekking Destinations in the Philippines

When we talk about adventure, Filipinos will surely be on the top list.

With its spectacular sceneries and amazing God creations, The Philippines is indeed one of the greatest places to experience adventure and thrill. In fact, thousands of tourists come to the country every year to witness its beauty. From beautiful beaches to historical places and foods, Philippines have it all.

Trekking is just one of the many activities one can enjoy during his stay in the country. It has a huge number of hiking trails from awe-inspiring to beginners-friendly ones. So whether you are a beginner who wants to experience some challenge or a hiking veteran looking for another thrill, here is some of the most spectacular trails that you can start with.

The Best Hiking Destinations in the Philippines

1. Mt. Hibok Hibok


Located in Camiguin, Mt. Hibok Hibok is an active volcano that will surely make your body active too. You should prepare yourself since the trek to its crater is not easy.  It takes about three to four hours to reach the summit. The mesmerizing views of the whole Camiguin Island and its neighbouring islands like Bohol, Surigao and Siquijor waits on top.

2. Nagkalit-kalit Falls

More than its stunning white sand beaches, pristine waters and hidden lagoons, there is one place in El Nido adventurers should not miss. In a remote village of Pasadena, 21 kilometres north of El Nido, lies Nagkalit-kalit Falls. The trail is a sure fun with a series of farmlands, jungles, rivers and streams.

3. Osmeña Peak

If you want to experience breath-taking scenery of jagged mountains, fresh cool air and a campsite where you get to mingle with fellow climbers then you must trek the highest peak in the province of Cebu; Osmeña Peak.

4. Banaue Rice Terraces


It may not be challenging as any other trail but Banaue Rice Terraces should still be on your list. It is the historical, most picturesque, most recognized scenic trail in the country, and no hiker should leave the Philippines without trying it.

5. Guiting-Guiting


It highlights diverse vegetation and thick forests, which makes it one of the sought-after mountains in the Philippines. It is one of the most challenging trails in the country. They say it is even more challenging than mountains, which are considerably taller.

6. Tirad Pass


Considered as one of the most famous hike destinations in the country, Mount Tirad is one of the highest peaks in the Ilocos Region and is the 446th highest mountain in the entire country. Tirad pass is also perfect for hikers who want to know more about the history of the place.

7. The Taal Volcano Trail


If you are a beginner in hiking, the Taal Volcano trail is perfect for you. It has a relatively easy path, which first time hikers can afford while enjoying the spectacular view and outdoor trips. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the mild weather all-year round.

8. Maculot


If you want a bit more challenging than the trail of Taal, there is another place in Batangas where you can enjoy fair share of difficult steep assaults.

9. Balagbag


If you want to experience trekking but does not want to go far in the province, there is one famous spot near the metro. Towering over 700 metres above sea level, Mt. Balagbag is as accessible as Taal Volcano. It also has notable features such as rivers, waterfalls and trails.

10. Tres Marias


This mountain is rich with myths and folklores. There are many stories behind its shape and origin. It has three peaks, which it git its name Tres Marias. Adorned in the mountain are streams, grasslands, and waterfalls that keep visitors refreshed.

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