List Of The Most Dangerous Assassins In History

There are groups and orders of assassins all around the world. These assassins have their own codes, and they will kill for what they believe in. Most of the time, when we talk about assassins, the first thing that comes in mind is a loner type of person. However, most of the assassin groups in the past and nowadays have their own motive. Here is the list of the most dangerous assassins in written history.

Deadliest Assassins In The World

1. Hassan-I-Sabbah’s Assassins

Hassan-I-Sabbah left a group of believers after his death in 1124. Their base was in the Fortress of Alamut. He taught his followers that leaders with luxury but don’t care about their people are without honor. The most-trained assassins in their order were tasked to eliminate heads of state and military they deemed corrupt.


2. The Sicarii

The Sicarii were Jewish assassins, which were named for their choice of weapons. Their weapon as a curved dagger known as sica. They were known to hide their weapons in their clothing, and stalk their targets. Their main goal was to incite rebellion against Rome.


3. The Black Hand

In 1911, 10 Serbian men formed The Black Hand. The Black Hand had a rather straightforward objective. It was to use violence and terrorism in order to have a united Serbia. They were the ones responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which started the whole World War 1


4. The Vishkanyas

These women assassins were not only deadly. They were also elegant. They were founded in Ancient India to pacify the country without causing widespread panic. They did so by grooming a lady to become immune to poison. Then, she would be sent into enemy territories and poison the rival king.


5. Werwolf

The Werwolves were the chosen elite of some 5,000 volunteers from the members of the Waffen SS and Hitler Youth. They were trained for sabotage and silent killings.

6. The Mercenaries Of Calippus Of Syracuse

Dion and Callippus were students of Plato. They returned to Syracuse as comrades. However, Callippus was known to not have honorable intentions, and he wanted to murder Dion. He succeeded in killing Dion, and he seized power, thanks to his mercenaries.


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