List Of The Most Intimidating Birds Of Prey

Let’s admit it. When we talk about birds of prey, we can’t help but pay attention to them. In fact, we want to know more about them, considering how bad-ass they are. Maybe the wide wingspan or the appearance of the birds of prey strike your fancy. Either way, the birds of prey are intimidating, and they are deadly. Some birds of prey might also attack humans if provoked. Take a look at the most spectacular sky raptors on Earth.

List Of The Most Intimidating Birds Of Prey

1. African Crowned Eagle

The African Crowned Eagle can be found in the rainforests of Africa. It measures 90cm in length and it has a wingspan of two meters. It is likewise known as the “leopard of the air”. With its talons as its deadliest weapons, the African Crowned Eagle won’t give any living chance to its prey.

2. Lappet Faced Vulture

The Lappet Faced Vulture can be found in Arabia and in the savannas of Africa. They weigh up to 14kgs and they have a wingspan of three meters. The Lappet Faced Vulture also has a sharper and larger beak than the condors.

3. Eurasian Eagle Owl

If you think owls are gentle nocturnal creatures, think again. The Eurasian Eagle Owl is one of the most powerful owl species there is. They are the “nocturnal Golden Eagle” for being widely active at night. They feed on rodents, rabbits and deer, if need be.

4. Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle is among the large eagles that can be found in forests. However, the Philippine Eagle is a protected species. They have a wingspan of two meters and weigh up to 7kgs. They feed mainly on monkeys and large bats. If you want to hunt these birds down, good luck. There’s a bill in the Philippines that forbids the hunting of the Philippines Eagle. It will let you end up behind bars for twelve years.

5. Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle is dubbed as the most powerful eagle on Earth. It weights 9kgs and has a length of 105cm. The talons of the Harpy Eagle are longer than the bear’s claws. And it is important to take note that this eagle can crush a man’s skull in a heartbeat. There are stories saying that the Harpy Eagle snatches children, although they are unconfirmed.

6. Bearded Vulture

Also know as the lammergeyer, the Bearded Vulture is one of the largest raptors in the world, albeit it is not popular. It can be found in Asia, Africa and some parts of Europe. They weight 8kgs and have a wingspan of more than 3 meters. The Bearded Vulture can also crush the hard shell of tortoises, which is a great testament about their prowess.

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