List Of The Most Memorable Pinoy Child-Oriented TV Shows From The 90s

Batang 90s ka ba? If your childhood was in the 90s, I’m pretty sure that you have watched (most likely) these child-oriented TV shows. These TV shows were educational, and they were full of fun-filled adventure, really. I bet that you still know the theme songs of these TV shows. Before children learned to love watching cartoons, there were these educational TV shows first.

If you grew up in the 90s, you know these TV shows. Feeling nostalgic now? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out the list of the most memorable Pinoy child-oriented TV shows from the 90s.

The Best Pinoy Child-Oriented TV Shows From the 90s

1. Batibot

Of course, who would’ve forgotten Kuya Bodjie, Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Koko Kwik Kwak and the rest of the Batibot gang? It’s the Pinoy version of Sesame Street but with a twist. It showcased the good manners and right conduct that every Filipino kid must have. Kids who grew up in the 90s would not fail to recognize Batibot even today.

2. Bayani

Bayani was a 90s TV show at ABS-CBN. It featured the Philippine heroes and their stories. Ana and Noli were the main characters, as well as “lola”. They travel back in the time of a particular Pinoy “bayani”. It nurtured kids’ knowledge on how our heroes have become an eternal part of the Philippine history.

3. Sineskwela

“Tayo na sa Sineskwela, tuklasin natin ang siyensya…” I could go on and on. Personally, this was my favorite educational TV show in the 90s. Its scope was Science and Health. I’ve enjoyed the adventures of Agatom, Kulitsap, Palikpik, Ugat-Puno and the crew of Sineskwela. They helped in providing information about science. They also did fun experiments, which in my opinion, made the show more interesting than it was.

4. Math Tinik

We were also crazy about mathematics during our elementary/primary years. And in the 90s, Math Tinik has helped many children ace their Math tests. This show was aired at ABS-CBN, and it helped kids enjoy Mathematics! Who says Math isn’t fun? Let’s just say that Charlie and Patricia were everyone of us when they tried to solve Math problems while we too at home helped them solve Math.

5. Hiraya Manawari

Hiraya Manawari was another child-oriented TV program I never failed to watch back in the 90s. The stories told on this program had objectives to instill good moral values to every Pinoy child. Each of the story told on this program was made for children to easily understand. And believe me, the show had a great impact on the minds of every kid who grew up watching it.

6. ATBP (Awit, Titik, Bilang na Pambata)

Another great Pinoy child-oriented TV show was ATBP (Awit, Titik, Bilang na Pambata). Like Batibot, ATBP also made use of puppets along with kid actors and actresses. It’s a fun show with music all over. It helped viewers to read, count and sing. Kapitan Bilang and BB. Karunungan were my personal favorites.

7. 5 And Up

“5 And Up” was more of an investigative yet kid-friendly TV show. The show had light journalistic segments, and the “reporters” were kids aged 9 to 12. It has received a good feedback and became a standalone TV show that featured the likes of Atom Araullo, brothers Rodjun and Rayver Cruz, Chynna Ortaleza, and Maxene Magalona.

8. Wansapanataym

Another 90s kid-friendly TV show was Wansapanataym. Wansapanataym was primarily intended for children, yet even adults are hooked to it. It has received several acclaims and awards. Each episode showcases magic and adventure, as well as the strong, good values every kid must learn. Just recently, it has made its comeback and you can watch it at ABS-CBN.

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