List of the Most Popular Computer Makers in the World

For people who decide to invest money for a computer or laptop, this can be a daunting task because of the many available brands and models on the market now. In addition, the different information likewise makes their decision a bit more complicated. This is probably the importance of learning the background of the company in advance to choose a perfect option that is suitable for their needs and way of life. Definitely, anyone who has the exact budget can choose the best brand through spending the right time and money.

1. Apple 


It was in the year 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak established the company of Apple after they both dropped their college studies. They develop a stronger relationship when Wozniak created the building boxes successfully to allow people make free calls for long-distance services, which concluded the very first historical step of Apple Company History. The invention of the Apple telephone was a huge success, which brought Wozniak to a higher level of the best electronic engineers in the world. Today, this company is one of the most popular computer makers producing high quality and innovative gadgets such as iPhone, iPod touch and Macintosh. Apple is responsible for the remarkable increase of personal computers worldwide.

2. Hewlett-Packard (HP)


Hewlett-Packard is a known technology company for its very own HP labels. This company originated in Palo Alto, California when Dave Packard as well as Bill Hewlett founded this remarkable information technology company back in 1939. Even these founders never thought about achieving a phenomenon success after they invested an amount of $500 for their initial plans. It was in 1947 when they formulated their plans and announced the company in public in 1957, which brought remarkable success. In 2002, HP merged with Compaq and before the end of 2007; it became the first IT Company that reported more than $100 billion revenue, which definitely paid off their investment.

3. Dell


Dell is a Texas based company and is now one of the largest technology companies that hire many individuals worldwide. It was in 1984 when Michael Dell who founded this company even if he is still studying at the University of Texas at Austin. Michael is the first businessperson who thought about selling personal computer (PC) directly to the customers. His ideas include explaining to these people about the exact benefits of using such innovative system. In 1988, they changed the company’s name to Dell Computer Corporation. The success of this company continued when it started earning almost one million dollars a day in 1996 and earning almost fifty million dollars a day in the year 2000. Dell is the first company joining The Climate Group to protect the environment.

4. Asus


Asus started in the computer industry in 2009, which is a new Taiwanese company that is already gaining popularity now. Majority of the Asus laptop computers are impressive, especially for new computer buyers. One of the most interesting features of their computers is that they have spacious hard drive. In fact, there is no laptop computer on the market that can possible overpower the hard drive of an Asus computer, which enable the users experience in impressive speed. In addition, they feature a long lasting battery life because their computers can stand up to 12 hours. The latest Asus UL series is among the best ultra slim laptops on the market.

5. Sony


Sony is now one of the most trusted manufacturers of computers in the world. The company was able to produce sleeker desktops that feature a dependable computer into the main screen. Because of this, Sony computers provide impressive wireless usages like their newest upgraded VAIO laptops on the market. This company continues to manufacture technological gadgets with stylish designs, sharper screens, and impressive on-board webcams. Sony guarantees premium features and multiple functions from their products. This is one clear reason why this company gained better recognition across the globe because the company guarantees distinctive personality when talking about quality high-end products. They offer impressive laptop series that definitely cater the needs of worldwide users.

6. Acer


This company quickly became one of the biggest makers of quality personal computers PCs in the world. This is quite impressive because we never consider Acer with a great history when it comes to producing PCs from the past years. For years, many people focus on the innovative gadgets of HP and Toshiba, which both manufacturing quality computers longer than when Acer started. Fortunately, Acer now is the ninth biggest computer manufacturers worldwide since introducing their first ever PC manufactured in the market, known as the Aspire PC back in 1995. In 1996, this impressive company expanded greatly by producing different quality electronic gadgets and became a powerhouse computer manufacturer in the world until today.

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