List Of The Must-Try Pinoy Street Foods

Not every food is created equal. You don’t need to eat at a fine restaurant just to be satisfied. You can try street foods. In particular, the street foods in the Philippines are popular. Almost every street and place in the Philippines has one or two vendors of street foods. Filipinos are known for their foods, but that doesn’t mean that you must not try their street foods. Plus, you don’t need to spend thousands just to feel full. A few coins in your pocket will do. Take a look at the must-try Pinoy street foods (in no particular order).

Must-Try Pinoy Street Foods

1. Kwek-kwek

Kwek-kwek is one of the most famous street foods in the Philippines. Basically, kwek-kwek is a combination of eggs coated with orange batter, then fried. Chicken eggs or quail eggs are used to make kwek-kwek. This will totally satisfy your craving without breaking the bank.


2. Fishball

Ah, nothing beats old school. Fishball has been around since I was a kid, and perhaps longer than that. Fishball is popular among students. Fishball vendors place their “rolling kiosk” near schools. So, the minute students go home, it’s never hard to to see these fishball vendors just around the corner.


3. Kikiam

Like fishball, kikiam is another favorite among street foods. They are made from squid, or so they say. Taste may vary from one vendor to another. Some kikiam vendors have sauce to die for, which makes your experience eating this street food far better.


4. Barbecue

“Ihaw-ihaw” foods are among the most popular street foods in the Philippines. That said, barbecue remains to be the number one grilled street foods. Every place has its own signature barbecue dish for passersby. Plus, if you don’t have the time to cook for the family, you can instead buy barbecues to serve for your dinner.


5. Isaw

“Isaw” is a street food which basically means chicken or pork intestines. They are quite tasty, and you might be surprised how Filipinos love them. Yeah, I know that you might been wondering if these intestines are clean. Yes they are. Just make sure to not overeat isaw.


6. Betamax

Basically, betamax is chicken blood cut into box-shaped pieces. Then, they are grilled to your preference. The best thing to enjoy your betamax is to dip it in “suka” then eat. You’ll never go wrong with it.


7. Calamares

Calamari or better known as “calamares” in Pinoy streets is a good street food. Well, preparing it is rather easy. You just need to cut the squid into pieces, dip them into flour or batter, then fry. The flavor of the squid is enough to let you indulge yourself by eating calamares.


8. Banana cue

Banana cue is another street food in the Philippines that is present for many years. Bananas (saging na saba) will be fried alongside sugar. The process lets the sugar to coat the bananas and the end product is simply delicious.


9. Balut

Balut is considered a local delicacy. Basically, balut is a duck egg, containing a partly developed duck inside. Obviously, balut is is not for the squeamish. When you eat the duck, you might feel the bones while you chew, but it’s hardly noticeable. Balut is also considered an aphrodisiac. But hey, it’s totally delicious! Hands down.


10. Taho

Every Filipino knows taho. There are “Taho men” around the neighborhood early in the morning. They are not hard to see. What you need is to hear them. As soon as you hear someone shouting “Taho!”, then that’s your cue that Mr. Taho Man is near. Taho is the combination of liquid tofu top with sago (tapioca pearls) and “arnibal” (caramelized brown sugar). In some parts like in Baguio, instead of arnibal, they use a special syrup made with strawberries. Unfortunately, there are only few Taho men roaming around the neighborhood these days.


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