List Of The Rarest Animals Found In The Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing country with lots to offer to tourists. It has a rich culture and heritage, which is why it is among the best tourist spots in Southeast Asia. From its world-class beaches, to its to-die-for foods, everyone will surely get a once in a lifetime experience in the Philippines. Also, the Philippines is host to some of the most peculiar animals in the world. As a matter of fact, some of these animals are indigenous to the Philippines.

Take a look at the list of the rarest animals that can be found in the Philippines. They are wonderful, and they surely capture the heart of everyone who sees them.

Rarest Animals That Can Be Found In The Philippines

1. Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world. It is also the Philippines’ national bird. The Philippine Eagle is also known as the “Monkey-Eating” eagle. It is forbidden to haunt Philippine Eagle. There’s a law in the Philippines that will put you to behind bars if you try to haunt the precious Philippine eagle.


2. Boot

Boot or the Philippine Tarsier is a cute, cuddly primate that can be found in the Philippines. Boot is nocturnal, and its defininf feature is its small size and big eyes. Likewise, it is listed in the Guinness for the animal with the largest pair of eyes.


3. Kagwang

“Kagwang” is also know as the Philippine Flying Lemur. Don’t let the name fool you, though. Though Kagwang has wings, it cannot actually fly. Instead, it glides up to 100 meters following a leap. Kagwang often falls prey to the Philippine eagles.


4. Pilandok

“Pilandok” or the Philippine Mouse Deer is indigenous in the Philippines. It is often considered as the smallest hoofed mammal in the world. Pilandok stands only 40 centimeters at shoulder. Its main food includes flowers, leaves and vegetation in areas where it thrives. However, there are only few Pilandok left as a result of deforestation.


5. Philippine Bamboo Bat

Have you seen bats? Perhaps you did. But have you seen the world’s smallest bat? Meet the Philippine Bamboo Bat. This bat grows up to the size of a large bumble bee, which is quite small compared to its counterparts.


6. Calamian Deer

The Calamian Deer is a deer species that can be found in the Philippines. Most of the Calamian deers are living in the Calamian Islands. There, they roam freely. One of the most distinguishable traits of this deer is its larger set of legs. Sadly, Calamian deers are considered endangers because of over-hunting.


7. Palawan Bearcat

“Binturong” or Palawan Bearcat is nocturnal. Often called as the Malay Civet Cat, they are also found in nearby countries like Burma and Vietnam. Although it looks harmless as it roams freely in Palawan regions, the Binturong can be hostile at times when they think there’s a threat.


8. Philippine Sailfin Lizard

The Philippine Sailfin Lizard is an excellent swimmer. It’s omnivorous as it feeds on flowers, leaves, insects and smaller animals. They love to swim, which is why they often live near bodies of water. As of today, the Philippine Sailfin Lizard is considered “vulnerable” because of the continuous devastation of its natural habitat.


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