List Of The Things Only Filipino Commuters Understand

Everyday, us Filipinos deal with traffic. It has become a part of our everyday life. Although several attempts have been made to solve the problem about traffic (e.g. road widening, color coding or number coding), we have yet to see its positive results. And just recently, lawmakers want to prohibit the purchase of vehicles by people who don’t have a parking space. But as a commuter, braving the traffic is hell. If you cannot contain your cool, you might end up in an altercation. We don’t want that to happen, but still, the traffic problem in the major cities in the Philippines must be solved.

kapit lang bes
Kapit lang, bes.

Take a look at the things that only Filipino commuters will understand about traffic. If you have experienced any of these, congratulations! You’re a true, battle-hardened Pinoy commuter.

Things Only Pinoy Commuters Understand


When you’re late at work or school, but the jeepney driver must stop at a gas station

Seriously, do jeepney drivers need to stop at a gas station on the particular day that you’re running late for work or school? What are the odds, huh?

2. You’ll ride a PUV fresh on the way to work, but you’ll arrive to your destination haggard

We all know that feeling. Just like what they say, it’s a “buwis-buhay” experience especially during rush hour.

3. You know what “Forever” is

“Walang forever, bes!” But hey, when commuting, there is! Those who are in Metro Manila, where LRT is the first choice of commuters know this. They spend hours and hours in queue just to be able to ride LRT. Well, for them it’s the best and fastest way to reach their destination.

4. You walk along the LRT tracks every time there’s a service glitch

Need I say more? It’s an uphill battle, particularly if the problem takes place at noon when the sun is at its scorching hot level. It’s one of the major problems that the LRT must address. Kapit lang, bes!

5. When you ride a jeepney good for 18 passengers, but the dispatcher shouts, “Oh, dalawa pa!”

Seriously? Do you think we’re sardines in a can? You are already touching the person beside you, and there’s room for more passengers? Only in the Philippines.

6. You got used to the smell of fellow commuters

Whether it’s a pleasant or an unpleasant smell, you got used to it. Those are the scents you smell every time you commute, and that’s every single day!

7. You missed your trip and you’re already running late!

You have an important meeting, or a test at school, but you woke up late! Now, you are running late to your destination. As it turns out, your bus trip has already left. “Bigti na, friend.”

8. You feel like you’re the king/queen of the world when you’re the only passenger for the entire trip

Wow! You cannot simply be the only passenger for the entire trip, right? Is this real life? The feeling you get is totally refreshing, as if all your stress has gone away.

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