List Of The Things That Make You A Filipino

Each country has their own, unique culture and traditions that would identify them. This Philippines is not an exception. There are tons of things that make a Filipino a Filipino. From the foods they eat to the world-famous travel spots, the Philippines has its own set of tradition that easily sets it apart from other countries. You are a true Pinoy if you know these things, regardless where you are in the world right now. So, is it safe to say “Proud to be Pinoy” if you know all of these? Let’s find out.

What Makes A Pinoy “Pinoy”?

1. Jollibee is the most popular fastfood chain

2. Chicken/Pork Adobo is perhaps the national dish

3. You can’t live without mangga’t bagoong, or the succulent, sweet ripe mangoes

4. Banana ketchup is more preferred than tomato ketchup

5. Street foods are life! Isaw, betamax and adidas for the win!

6. Says “po” and “opo” as a sign of respect to the elder

7. “Pagmamano” is also a sign of respect for elder. Pagmamano is basically a gesture in which the person who greets bows down and put the hands of the elder on his forehead.

8. Filipinos get it all the time to point with their lips when someone asks for a direction. It’s common.

9. To enjoy foods much better, they use their hands. Just make sure to wash hands before and after eating.

10. They smile for no reason. Not like “crazy smile”, but Filipinos are known around the world for their inviting persona and hospitality.

11. You haggle every time you’re in a wet market, or in any establishment where haggling is a common practice. After all, you wanted to save money.

12. Two words: Manny Pacquiao!

13. Most Filipinos use “timba at tabo” instead of a shower whenever they will take a bath. It conserves water, really!

14. Extended family is a thing. Most of the Filipino household has more than one family. Pinoys have deep-love for family.

15. At one time in their lives, Pinoys believe in multiple ghost stories that were told by their parents or grandparents. Or perhaps they still believe these stories even if they grow older.

16. You always arrive 30 minutes late in most events, hence the “Filipino Time”.

17. When asking for the bill at a restaurant, you draw a rectangle out of thin air. Crazy! But it works!

18. You have an undying love for Videoke!

19. Christmas Season starts when September begins and lasts up to the first days of January!

20. Your toothpaste is consumed up to the very last content! You cut the toothpaste tube in half and take the remaining toothpaste before throwing the tube away.

21. Pinoy dads can fix anything in the household. Talk about multitasking.

22. You always say “sorry” even if you don’t do anything wrong.

23. You’re not a Minion, but you understand “Bababa ba? Bababa.” when riding an elevator.

24. You always have a gossip or two about your workmate or neighbor.

25. Pinays daydream and “fangirl” about their favorite male artist.

26. Instead of nail polish, you say “Cutex”. Or, instead of toothpaste, you say “Colgate”

27. You say “hamburjer” instead of “hamburger”.

28. Every Filipino knows about the band “Eraserheads”.

29. You have basketball court in almost every street, even if some of these courts are makeshifts.

30. You say the brand name instead of the item’s name. (e.g. toothpaste: “Pabili ng Happee, yung Colgate”)

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