List of The Top 5 Five Lost Cities Of The Ancient World

Even some of the grandest cities in the world fall down. Some literally, but some are often forgotten with the advancements of the civilization. Some majestic cities of the ancient world are lost to humans. However, the remnants of the past are still very evident nowadays. Listed here are some of the most popular archaeological discoveries over the past centuries. The cities that you always thought did not exist are, in fact, existed. These majestic places were once at the height of their fame. Though these cities were forgotten and abandoned, they have been part of the history page and will continue to exist.

1. Pompeii


One of the most popular lost cities nowadays is Pompeii. Pompeii was a flourishing and magnificent city, until it was smothered in the ashes of Mount Vesuvius. For a period of 1700 years, the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were perfectly preserved. Going to Pompeii nowadays lets everyone have the glimpse of what happened on that day when the wrath of the volcano consumed it. There are still plaster casts of dead people whose bodies were preserved ever since that fateful day.

2. Machu Picchu


The stunning Machu Picchu is probably included in most of the lists of lost cities. This Incan city was situated way above the ground. As a matter of fact, it sits on an Andes peak. For a short period, Machu Picchu was home to the Inca civilization. However, as a result of the Spanish expedition, the inhabitants abandoned the place. In the early 20th Century, Machu Picchu has sparked a worldwide interest. Up to these days, many historians still debate about the city’s real purpose. Some say it was a Royal Retreat while others say it was a regular settlement. But there are people who believe that it was a religious sanctuary.

3. Indus Valley


The Indus Valley is considered one of the oldest civilizations. The Indus civilization was at its peak nearly 2000 BC ago. Its greatest contributions in the world were writing, trade, science, religion and agriculture. Probably, the most advanced progress of the civilization was the Mohenjo-daro. The city was known for its streets and drainage system. Many believed that a great deluge devastated the city not less than six times. No known encounters of the past inhabitants of the city were ever established. The people in the city finally abandoned the place in 1800 BC. It was rediscovered in 1922.

4. Troy


Yes, it’s the same Troy that was mentioned by the Greek poet, Homer. Excavations of the site have discovered an ancient fortress to be large. The description fits the basis of the popular Greek legend. Historians and archaeologists found out that the city of Troy was established approximately 3000 BC ago. It was likewise destroyed many times. Each new city that emerged was built on the rubbles and the ruins of the last one. Troy is infamous for its mighty walls. It was believed that no artillery or weapons have ever succeeded in conquering these walls. So, the Greeks resorted to trickery to claim Troy, hence, the Trojan Horse.

5. Petra


Petra was the ancient capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. This ancient city was situated in Wasi Musa Canyon in Southern Jordan. Many centuries ago, Petra was once an important trade route for silk and spices. It linked India, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Rome. After different earthquakes struck the city, its waterways were crippled. In the 6th Century, the inhabitants completely abandoned Petra. In 1812, Swiss traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered Petra, after being forgotten by the world.

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