List Of The Top Batman Villains

The Caped Crusader won’t be so popular if it’s not for his arch nemesis. Well, Batman has a lot of enemies. In the history of comics, Batman is one of the superheroes who have the greatest number of villains and nemesis. Take a look at this list as we include the top villains that Batman has fought, or is still fighting. Some of these villains have long been gone, but others can’t seem to stay on the sideline.

The Top Batman Villains

1. Joker

Perhaps the most decorated, albeit worst nemesis of the Batman is the Joker. Don’t let the clown persona fool you. Joker is the most dangerous and widely unpredictable villain that Batman has ever faced. He’s a villain that can’t be beat with just punches. He’s a straight up psychopath, and that makes him Batman’s greatest villain of all time.


2. Catwoman

Love her or hate her, Catwoman is included in Batman’s arch-nemesis. She, at some point, got into a romantic relationship with the Bat. She dabbled on being a notorious thief, and fighting the demons inside her. But she is indeed one of Gotham’s biggest crime bosses.


3. Bane

Bane is the epitome of destruction with unbreakable physical form and a drive to kill anyone who’s on his way, Bane is proven to be one of the toughest enemies that Batman has ever fought.


4. Penguin

Penguin is the boss of the criminal underworld in Gotham. Penguin does not have any special powers, but his cunning and his liking to brutality helped him rise up to the top. At some point, even Batman learned to co-exist with Penguin.


5. Mister Freeze

A gifted scientist with a drive to cure his beloved Nora, Mister Freeze will do it all, even if it means he must fight Batman. He turned into crime to sustain his funding for his beloved. In several meetings, he is proven to be a match for the Batman.


6. Ra’s al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul runs the “League of the Assassins”. Even if they are in the opposite sides of the law, Ra’s al Ghul respects Batman. At one point, he even wanted Batman to marry his daughter, so Batman would replace him as the head of their operations.


7. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has the ability to control the plants. However, Poison Ivy’s main arsenal is perhaps her ability to easily ensnare the minds of men, Superman included. Her goal is to protect the plant life in Gotham, which sounds good. But to do that, she needs to exterminate humans, which Batman would likely disagree to.


8. Harley Quinn

Alongside Joker, Harley Quinn is proven to be a pain to deal with. She rises up in several occasions. Her weapon of choice, although odd, is a big mallet. She does whatever The Joker asks her to do, and mainly it’s related to toppling Batman.


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