List of The Top Five Best Entry-Level DSLRs In The Market Today

If you are an aspiring photographer or just simply an enthusiast, the best thing to do is to select an all-around DSLR. Today, digital SLRs have become popular for people of all ages. However, because there are different DSLRs out in the market, we decided to help you choose the right one that will offer the bang for your buck. A good entry-level DSLR must not necessarily cost too much money. If you just want to have fun while shooting in your own DSLR, you don’t have to worry about spending too much. Well, at least you still have to allot hundreds of dollars for your own camera. Take a look at today’s best DSLRs for beginners.

1. Nikon D5200


Once you go Nikon, you’ll never go wrong. Nikon is long known for its history of excellent cameras, even back when the film cameras were still popular. The Nikon D5200 is a more than capable upper entry-level DSLR that delivers stunning image quality. It has an Expeed 3 processor, which is quite good, compared to its predecessor, the Nikon D5100. It also lets you shoot 4 fps (frames per second). It has a 24-megapixel sensor, which makes shooting more crisp and efficient. Under $1000, the Nikon D5200 is the king of the entry-level DSLR. Did we say the Nikon D5200 also has a swiveling/tilting screen? Cool, ain’t it?

2. Canon EOS Rebel SL


Another hard-hitting DSLR for beginners is the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. The Rebel SL1 is the tiniest SLR available. This is more appealing to people who don’t like large and bulky DSLRs while shooting. However, the Rebel SL1 is rather small in the hands of some people. It also has 4 fps continuous shooting. On the other hand, it has a limited raw burst shooting along with a pentamirror viewfinder. Well, you should not expect too much from it because it’s only an entry-level DSLR. Plus, for the price range of $500-$600, you can get the quality you pay for.

3. Nikon D3300



Arguably, the most notable entry-level from Nikon is the Nikon D3300. The D3300 was released earlier in 2014. It is the successor of the always-versatile D3200. But now, Nikon decided not to include the anti-aliasing filter to this camera. No AA filter means higher quality photos. Plus, the kit lens (18mm-55mm) included in the package is way smaller than the usual kit lens. It also has a locking mechanism to prevent the lens from creeping. The D3300 is solid, but it lacks some of the essential features of the camera, like the autofocus points. Compared to the D5200’s 39 autofocus (AF) points, the D3300 only has 11 AF points. You can purchase the D3300 + kit lens from $550 to $650.

4. Pentax


Pentax is a solid performer. It produces excellent image quality. The inclusion of the pentaprism viewfinder gives the Nikon 3300 and the Canon Rebel SL1 a run for their money. In addition, for a pretty price point of $400, you can get all the good stuff in this camera. On the other hand, the Pentax K-50 has no mic input and it has a fixed rear LCD. But really, you can’t have it all for its price. Overall, we find the Pentax K-50 worthy for beginning shooter.

5. Sony Alpha 65


Another solid entry-level camera is the Sony Alpha 65. This camera from Sony also has a 24-megapixel sensor so you can have that extra kick in the image quality. What’s more amazing about the Alpha 65 is that it has a blindingly fast 9 fps (frames per second) continuous shot. However, you can’t get the best quality images straight out of the box. The Sony Alpha 65 only comes with an 18mm-55mm kit lens. If you want to enjoy using this camera, you must pair it with a much better prime or zoom lens. The Sony Alpha 65 is available for the price of $999, including the kit lens.

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