The 7 Best First-Generation Pokemon

“I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!”

Pokemon has become a household name ever since its inception. Now, you can play Pokemon Go and join thousands of fans all over the world in an attempt to catch them all! But Pokemon is here since 1996. We grow to love these furry, little (or unless of they don’t evolve) cute monsters. But nothing beats the first generation of Pokemon. I’ve lost count of it already. I think there’s already six generations of Pokemon, but nothing beats the original. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best first-gen Pokemon that everybody loves!

List Of The Best First Generation Pokemon


Who doesn’t love Pikachu? I mean, would you dare not to have a Pikachu as your companion on the way to becoming the best Pokemon trainer? Pikachu has become the main Pokemon, or should I say, the “poster boy” of the franchise. It’s iconic and everyone, even those who aren’t Pokemon fans, will recognize Pikachu.



Another fan favorite, and my personal favorite, is Charizard. Remember when Charmander was so cute, lovely and fun? Charizard is the opposite, at least in the first few episodes. Ash needed to win its respect. And since then, Charizard has become one of the most formidable Pokemon in Ash’s arsenal.



Oh, the bubbly and cheeky Squirtle! I still remember when a Squirtle gang, complete with their sunglasses, first appeared on the show. And it was awesome! But the one that really struck me was the leader Squirtle. It joined Ash on his journey but not before taking off its sunglasses. And we saw how gorgeous the eyes of a Squirtle are.



There was one episode that I really loved (and got teary eyed too). “Bye Bye Butterfree” was the episode I bet all Pokemon fans have cried over. It’s hard to let go of Butterfree, especially when Ash trained it since it’s still a Caterpie. It just showed that we need to let go at some point, but it’s for the better.



Eevee is that small cute-looking Pokemon with three different evolution stages (at least in the first generation). In the series, The brothers who are training Eevee wanted it to evolve. But Eevee has proven that it doesn’t need to evolve to fight stronger Pokemon. That earned the respect of the brothers.



Gengar is one of the ghost type Pokemon I really like. But before you get a Gengar, you must have a Gastly and Haunter, which are the two pre-evolved stages of Gengar. If you have played Pokemon on a GameBoy, then you know how complicated it is to get Gengar.



Everyone who watches the first generation Pokemon anime, as well as the first movie, knows that Mewtwo is one of the strongest, aside from Mew. We saw his power in the first movie, and you can’t help but think that no one can beat you if you have Mewtwo.


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